Well, I miss posting here. It’s been too long, and a lot is going on. I’ll spare you the details for the most part, except to highlight two different things.

One is the emerging mission and work of the nonprofit I help run, Whidbey CareNet. The interconnective net of emerging relationships is bringing forth a new way of approaching the very thing our organization exists for: relieving the stress of emergency responders. Our filing for the 503(c)1 status is done and will be in the mail this week. Our new presentation on stress relief, complete with applicable tools, is nearing rough draft status. New trainings are coming into focus to help our mission along. It is painstaking work at this time, with most f the research being done by Petra Martin, the founder of Whidbey CareNet, and fact checked by a local PhD in neuroscience. This is getting very exciting, not for us so much as it will be for responders.

Today three bombs went off Boston today. A lot of people experienced trauma, and given that 3300 people have been killed by guns since the Newtown shootings, it’s evident that trauma is impacting the lives of a lot of people. That trauma induces stress, and responders, as can be seen running at the scene of the explosion as others ran away, then face the aftermath of the traumatic event and live with what they see, hear, and smell. It is not just traumatic stress we are after. Add to the duty induced stress the every day stress of life, and you get the picture. We don’t want to manage it either.

We want it to go away. Stay tuned….