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Blue Cat Tunes recording studio

Behind the mic

My first podcast! My caveat is that this is a homework assignment. In fact, this blog has been modified over the last 6 weeks because of homework assignments. This last week I ventured into podcasting. What struck me about it was, for those who won’t listen, the vulnerability one feels when a microphone is in your face. Or you have to go on stage. Some folk just can’t do it. They won’t. I may not be exactly an “A Type” personality, maybe just a “B Type,” or maybe an “A-” personality. So a mic doesn’t frighten me too much, nor does acting. What I realized is that a mic makes me feel exposed. What I am about to say will be recorded, and it will go out over the air. It will be judged, by potentially a far bigger audience than what I experience doing my Shakespeare acting in the summer.

So be it. Despite my love of sharing the story, which drives why I act and why I will podcast, despite my “B+” personality, I am still feeling vulnerable, and what I want is to always move from that place of vulnerability. I will get used to the microphone. I’m already considering a hands free version. I don’t want to lose that feeling of vulnerability in my life though. It is that genuine place of softness we all have.

So feel free to comment! It’s how I can make this blog and future podcasts better.